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Young and old at the tanning salon

Young and old at the tanning salon

Tanning salons are generally associated with younger clients, but results from a recently published health survey show that a surprising number of elderly people are clients of these risky establishments.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center included questions on tanning bed habits in its national health interview survey, the results of which were released this month.

Analysis of the data showed that, despite the threat of skin cancer, adults of all ages choose to go to tanning salons and not for tanning.

Although tanning salon clients are the most common (20% of clients in this age group use tanning beds), research has shown that 17% of 30-39 year olds, 14 % of 40 – among 49 year olds, 10% of 50 to 64 year olds and 8% of over 65 year olds are indoor tanners. Although most are women, the gender gap narrows with age.

The researchers found the results appalling. “It is believed that 90% of all skin cancers are associated with the ultraviolet radiation emitted during indoor tanning”. safer than sunbathing, but it’s not. ” And this myth seems to have successfully penetrated all age groups.

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