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You will not believe in this treatment which makes your lips plump

You will not believe in this treatment which makes your lips plump

In the search for voluminous lips, you have probably examined all of this: lip injections, implants, cosmetics or anything labeled “plumping”. But what if there was a way to get thicker lips without treating your lips at all?

The truth is that a makeover can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lips. We spoke to two cosmetic dentists about how exactly improving the appearance of your teeth can actually make your lips look fuller.

Revising the appearance of your smile can do wonders on your lips because, “By shaping teeth with veneers, we can make them stand out by one to two millimeters, which swells the lips”, explains the cosmetic dentist . “Orthodontic treatments also bring out the teeth and upper lip to give a fuller appearance.”

Not only will the veneers push your lips further, but “the dead space between your teeth and the corners of your mouth can be minimized, creating a wider arch shape and thus giving you a smoother smile.” younger and wider, ”says the cosmetic dentist. “These procedures create a dramatic smile and more lip surface for lipstick,” he adds.

So if you were waiting to see your cosmetic dentist, it’s is the moment! A makeover is a two-in-one solution to get both the perfect smile and the fuller lips you want.

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