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You no longer use sunscreen to get vitamin D?

You no longer use sunscreen to get vitamin D?

Even though we are increasingly aware of the direct link between sun exposure and skin cancer, less than half of us regularly apply sunscreen.

While the most common excuse is simply not being used to it, some people forget the sunscreen for an ironic reason: their health.

In a recent survey, Neutrogena found that a third of Americans feared that wearing a sunscreen would prevent them from consuming enough vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and prevention certain diseases.

However, despite the importance of vitamin D and the sun’s ability to help our body produce it, the American Academy of Dermatology says that we don’t have to sacrifice our skin to get what we need.

“In addition to food sources, a vitamin D supplement, such as Viactiv Calcium, which provides 125% of the daily value of vitamin D in each chewy paste, can help you get the vitamin D from which you need without risk of skin. “Cancer and premature aging associated with unprotected sun exposure,” said dietitian Elizabeth Somer in a Neutrogena statement.

With Vitamin D problems covered, Europeans now need to make a small change in their routine to make a big difference in the future of their skin.

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