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Why you shouldn’t start injections before you need them

Why you shouldn’t start injections before you need them

It’s not just bad surgery that can get you older. Refills and injectables can do the same thing when they are not used properly.

“There is a tendency among young women to succumb to the pressure of embodying an aesthetic ideal portrayed in the media. In this quest for perfection, they sometimes do too much and age themselves ”.

One such example is that of 29-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan. ” Lindsay presents a bit the overfilled lips, as well as the left eyebrows and ptosis of the eyelids (drooping), may be aggravated by Botox for his forehead. Its naso zone also appears a little wide and erased which may be being overinjected with a charge to its nasogeniens “.

Fillers and injectables work better in younger patients to modify a function or for proactive measures . When too much load is used, the balance of the face is unbalanced. “To keep a appearance natural and age-appropriate, you must allow certain lines and wrinkles to appear” .

“The more you inject young faces who do not need a lot of effort to maintain a appearance , the more you seem to be trying to capture something that doesn’t match your face.

It’s not natural to see a 35-year-old woman with a frozen forehead, raised eyebrows and too much of fullness in cheeks and under the eyes.

We often associate these changes with the old ones women who have been too treated to try to intervene in the aging process. younger patients who are over-treated may end up looking like older and distorted versions of themselves.

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