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Who will give you the anesthesia?

Who will give you the anesthesia?

Depending on the type of procedure and the type of anesthesia, several people may be qualified to administer your anesthesia.

Here you will find a guide of health professionals who are appropriate choices in specific circumstances.

An anesthesiologist: This person is a doctor with an accredited residency in anesthesiology. He or she is qualified to administer all types of anesthesia.

A graduate anesthesiologist: This person is a licensed professional who has between 24 and 36 months of training, including clinical experience and classroom training, in addition to the tests required for certification.

In some states, he can independently administer general anesthesia; other states require direct medical supervision.

Assistant to an anesthesiologist: This person supports the anesthesiologist and can only administer anesthesia under the direct and on-site supervision of an anesthesiologist approved by the board.

Your doctor: for procedures performed with a local or topical anesthetic associated with oral sedation, your attending physician can administer anesthesia or prescribe a medication to be applied or taken before treatment. Some doctors may administer intravenous (IV) sedation.

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