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What to look for in a cosmetic dentist?

What to look for in a cosmetic dentist?

When it comes to keeping our smile more beautiful, brushing and flossing may not be enough. If you have concerns about the shape, color, length, or positioning of your teeth, or are missing some, go to a cosmetic dentist.

Here’s what you need to know to find the one that works best for you.

The procedures they perform
Specialized in the treatment of teeth, smile, gums and jaw, these health professionals provide: cosmetic dental whitening (trays office and take-out), collage, veneers, crowns, dental implants, complete mouth reconstruction / rehabilitation, smile transformation, orthodontics, cosmetic modeling, gum modeling, gum grafting, white fillings and non-metallic dentistry.

Who is qualified as a cosmetic dentist Dentists
who work to enhance the smile are known as cosmetic dentists. Those who pursue particular areas of dentistry, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics and prosthodontics, for example, are specialists.

Questions to ask
Before to undergo a dental procedure, it is always wise to know more about the people who will perform it.

Here are five questions to ask during your consultation:

  1. How many procedures, like mine, have you performed? Can you show me before and after pictures?
  2. Do you need anesthesia to perform the procedure? And what types can be used (like twilight anesthesia)?
  3. Do you recommend that I do something before the procedure to get better results or faster recovery?
  4. What are the risks associated with this procedure?
  5. How is recovery going? How can I maintain my results?

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