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What makes an expensive cosmetic product?

What makes an expensive cosmetic product?

Just as there are real reasons why a handbag costs hundreds of euros more than just one at Auchan, beauty companies hawking extremely expensive products can, in many cases justify the fact that they charge three or four digits.

Even if a high price may not guarantee better results, certain factors contribute to the cost.

Here are a few:

  • High concentrations: Many expensive products have families of effective ingredients at maximum percentages.
  • Manufacturing: Mass-produced products are produced using an automated technique using machines to reduce expenses, but many products top range require a lot of work.
  • Research: Expensive products often result from years of research funded by the cosmetics company.
  • Exclusivity: under normal circumstances, an ingredient supplier sells the same ingredient to several cosmetic companies. The companies behind these products often pay more for the exclusive rights of use, in addition to the fact that they are already expensive at the outset.

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