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What happens if you over-inject your face

What happens if you over-inject your face
Que se passe-t-il si vous sur-injectez votre visage

The volume can make all the difference on the face , but in choosing to restore it too early can do you more harm than good.

An overabundance of volume eliminates the proportions of
volume of face in its place in the face, especially when fat has been lost (or used to increase functionality). “However, if too much volume is put in the face via an excessive filling of fat or injections, the eye is automatically drawn to the treated areas. The rest of the face (and all of the untreated features) may appear sub-volumized, when in reality they may not be. An imbalance in volume disturbs the natural proportions of the face ”;

The middle face can be deformed
The lips and cheeks are often revolumized and the lower face is left alone. “While the volume should be maintained all over the face, if you do not have flat cheeks or fat loss, and fillers are used, the appearance of the middle face may be distorted”;

The lips do not correspond to the face
With or without fillers, the lower lip must be a little larger than the upper lip. When too much volume is added, the face is unbalanced. Often patients try to match their facial features to their lips by adding volume everywhere.

Eugene, Plastic surgeon, says that when excessive facial volumization is performed in younger patients, the contours of the face become angular, which makes the face older. “It gives that abnormal fullness that doesn’t seem age-appropriate,” he adds. When the face changes from a heart shape to a rectangular or square shape, which is usually not visible until the start of aging, the extra volume adds years to the appearance.

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