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Venus Concept Launches Revenue Sharing Program In North America And Europe

Venus Concept Launches Revenue Sharing Program In North America And Europe

Venus Concept Ltd., a world leader in innovative aesthetic technologies, announces the launch of its new module module revenue sharing program advanced connectivity (ACM), powered by intelligent Venus Connect ™ technology.

The Venus Concept recipe sharing program has been developed to offer aesthetic professionals another possibility to access the latest technologies, without any risk. “Our new revenue-sharing program is a continuation of Venus Concept’s commitment to offer our industrial partners access to cutting-edge aesthetic technology without the traditional barriers encountered in the past,” said Domenic Serafino, President and CEO of Venus Concept Ltd. “Our new Venus Connect ™ technology simply allows us to place aesthetic systems with qualified customers and charge them a fixed fee based on their monthly usage. The systems will be fully guaranteed as long as they participate in the program, another industry first.

The first platform Venus Concept will deploy using its new ACM technology will be the Venus Velocity ™ diode laser hair removal system. “In addition to general usage information, we will be able to remotely monitor other data points, which will then be compiled into a monthly statement form to provide to our customers,” said David Bays, vice president of business development for Venus Concept Ltd. “We believe this information will be invaluable to our customers in validating the operation of the system and will help us help our customers make improvements through marketing initiatives, additional training and other day-to-day solutions.” same day operational decisions.

Venus Concept’s ACM revenue sharing program will be available immediately in the United States and Canada, followed by European countries at the end of August 2018. The other countries in the world in which Venus Concept will operate will have access to the program at the start 2019.

Image of Venus Concept logo

Venus Concept uses advanced technology to develop safe and non-invasive devices that meet aesthetic concerns. more in demand. But this is only the first step. What sets Venus Concept apart is their unique business model, which is changing the way doctors, business owners and patients have access to their technology. Their goal is to help you develop a solid and sustainable activity while accelerating the growth of your income.

They must be doing something right. Venus Concept treatments are now available in more than 4,000 medical offices, clinics and spas in more than 60 countries. The company continues to exceed the demands and expectations of patients and practitioners with its innovative technologies and business support services.

A partnership that works for you

Innovative technology powered by a unique business model

Design & Innovation
Venus Concept devices combine cutting-edge technology with elegant and ergonomic designs, including easy-to-deliver treatments and intuitive, user-friendly software. This allows easy integration into cabinets of all sizes.

Your business advantage
The Venus Concept business model is uniquely designed to increase the performance and success of your aesthetic practice. Features include flexible payment terms, no credit check or finance charges, satisfaction guarantee, unsurpassed customer service, patient marketing support, advanced clinical training, upgrade program

Management of the improvement of the practice
The PEMs (Practice Enhancement Managers) dedicated to Venus Concept provide continuous support to customers by helping them in all aspects of their activities at no additional cost. The PEM team will help maximize return on investment and increase patient satisfaction through strategic planning, marketing support, clinic efficiency strategies, financial and profitability planning and clinical and technical support .

About Venus Concept® Ltd.

Venus Concept® is a leading global medical technology company that develops, markets and provides secure, efficient, and easy-to-use aesthetic technologies, as well as related practice improvement services in a business model unique based on subscriptions. The Venus Concept devices have been designed in a cost-effective and exclusive way to allow the company to expand beyond traditional dermatology and plastic surgery markets and non-traditional markets such as family medicine, medicine general, obstetrics. and gynecology and medical spas. About 70% of its devices are sold in non-traditional markets. The company has expanded its subscription platform and now sells its devices in more than 60 countries, including 27 with direct offices. Venus Concept has more than 400 employees worldwide whose customer-centric approach has supported the rapid growth of the company. For more information, visit www.venuconcept.com.

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