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Two ultramodern solutions for cellulite

Two ultramodern solutions for cellulite

Dimples are cute, but not when they cover half of your body.

So if you’ve tried exercise, diet and topicals without seeing a satisfactory difference in your cellulite, you want to make an appointment for professional high-tech treatment.

One of the last cellulite-reducing treatments is Thermage’s cellulite treatment, which provides radio frequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin and which rebuilds collagen and stimulates flow. blood in the tissues to improve the appearance of the skin. The company claims that this one-session procedure produces immediately visible results that improve over time, such as smoother skin and a temporary improvement in cellulite, which may vary depending on the type and the age of your skin.

beauté médecine esthetique soins Deux solutions ultramodernes pour la cellulite

SmoothShapes is another treatment for cellulite, which uses a dynamic laser and light energy coupled with mechanical massage and aspiration. After about four sessions (treatments should be done twice a week for four weeks), the company says you will see smoother, firmer skin, with improved tone and texture. Maintenance may be required once or twice a year.

Although some patients are satisfied with the results of these treatments, no long-term studies have been conducted to prove its effectiveness.

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