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Turn a shiny area into a dull area

Turn a shiny area into a dull area

Sorrowed by shiny skin? You’ve probably tried a lotion or serum with zinc gluconate, a sebum-regulating compound found in many mattifying formulas.

Soon, however, an herbal extract could replace it in some products now that research has shown its superior potency.

Commonly used in herbal teas, misai kucing, also known as cat whiskers and, oxymoronically, java tea, was opposed to zinc gluconate in a recent study conducted in Thailand.

The participants applied either 2% zinc gluconate (a common concentration) or 2% java tea extract, supposed to act on the enzyme linked to the secretion of sebum, twice per day for a month, during which the skin glowed measured with clinical assessments and self-assessments.

Instrumental measurements and assessments based on perception have shown that java tea reduced the shiny appearance more effectively than zinc gluconate.

Some participants even reported a more uniform and radiant complexion.

As brands more often incorporate this balancing ingredient in their products, you may find it listed under its binomial Orthosiphon stamineusm or its trade name Mat-XS Bright.

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