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Top 4 flat stomach tips

Top 4 flat stomach tips

Exercises: You know you can’t avoid it – you need to exercise to tone your abdominal muscles. Specifically, cardiovascular exercise to get rid of fat and crunches, standing abs or essential work to define the abdomen. Incorporate the board (in which you are lying, balancing on your elbows and toes) and mountaineers (where you are on all fours and knee against your chest) in your training routine.

Cleanse : a detoxification juice like the 100% organic juice Ritual Cleanse is full of fibers and nutrients that will give you a feeling of freshness and fullness longer.

the spa : Do you want immediate, albeit temporary, results? The next time you consult the spa menu, look for a “slimming” or “slimming” wrap in which the body is tightly wrapped during the treatment, which will leave you feeling light.

Attack stubborn fats and excess skin : many variants of the tummy tuck are available today, from mini-folds that target the area under the navel, to those who s ‘extend to love handles. This procedure can be particularly effective for unsightly and hard to reduce skin that appears after pregnancy.

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