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This additive causes the deterioration of your teeth

This additive causes the deterioration of your teeth

Anyone who has ever been within earshot of a dentist knows that sugar is bad for your teeth because it causes cavities, deterioration and discoloration.

A new study published in Australia confirms, however, that sugar-free options are really not better either. Researchers at the Center for Co-operative Research in Oral Health at the University of Melbourne imbibed human teeth in 15 different drinks, including sugary drinks and sugar-free drinks made from artificial sweeteners, without finding any significant difference in terms of tooth damage. All teeth had measurable weight loss and surface loss.

The reason for this, however, may surprise you (or not, if you pay attention to all the other bad things sodas do to your body). According to the paper, in regular soda, “the sugar is fermented by bacteria in the dental plaque on the surface of the tooth to produce acid which, if not completely eliminated, leads to tooth decay “

Unsweetened beverages and candy, however, go straight to the bacteria step, because the chemical ingredients in the products directly erode the enamel. “Consumers should be aware that many sugar-free products are potentially harmful to the teeth due to their chemical composition,” says the report.

The study also notes that the main culprits are the acid additives present in dietetic drinks, in particular phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, citric acid and tartrates s. Phosphoric acid is commonly found in colas and citric acid in anything flavored with lemon or lime.

“There is no doubt that phosphoric acid is one of the main ingredients in diet drinks and that the person drinks a considerable amount of daily drinks for an extended period of time, which can cause dental erosion. , especially in the gums. to be exposed, which also erodes faster, “adds Ronald Goldstein, cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, Georgia.

But, if your love for Diet Coke is too strong, also consider this: Researchers have noted that “more than 60,000 Australians are hospitalized each year for preventable oral health problems, which which costs the Australian economy $ 8.7 billion. There is mounting evidence linking oral disease to other health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, respiratory disease, inflammatory disease and certain cancers. “

In other words, it’s better to just drink water.

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