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These masks inspired by fruit juices exactly meet the needs of the skin at the end of summer

These masks inspired by fruit juices exactly meet the needs of the skin at the end of summer

Let’s get right to the point:
These ridiculously cute masks gain in design, while offering a striking quality and radiant for the skin.

If you want to know more:
I just came back from Cosmoprof in Las Vegas and it was a whirlwind of all things beauty (more on that later) – rows and rows of beauty products, vendors, samples, makeup, hair, jobs!

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There was also a swirling cloud of that slightly deserted Vegas desert casino air, a little smoky, and when I came out of the vortex, my skin was showing it.

Fortunately, I remembered the fun aspect Set of masks for raw fruit juices ($ 30 for five) from [ 19459057] Elina Skin that I had hidden in my hand luggage. Co-founder Elina Hsueh is not new to the beauty game, but the way she combines cleaning the juice with masking the juice is quite innovative. After having struggled for many years with stomach ulcers, she improved her routine (as in beauty, diet, trifecta exercise), then launched the line, made in Korea, with her boyfriend, John.
beauté cométique marque elina Skin ces masques inspirés par les jus de fruits répondent exactement aux besoins de la peau en fin dété

The main source of inspiration: the raw juices that she attributes to helping her restart her health journey.

Its history is solid, as is skin care. The masks are clean, vegan, organic and even the mask pouch is recyclable, but it is the essences rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are revealed. Each has different benefits and a range of ingredients (and with names like Green Reset and Pineapple Bliss, they just look delicious) and Hsueh recommends using them the same way as for juice cleansing , that is to say one per day… target everything that hurts you. The verdict: My favorite complexion is sold on the Strawberries & Cream mask – a mixture of strawberry extracts, vanilla bean, coconut and almond milk – did not grow further my sensitive skin in a funk look. After using it once, my skin felt hydrated and nourished and I particularly like the lightness of the formula. Post-casino skin has never looked so good!

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