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Aesthetic Medicine | The surprising thing that changes your faceThe surprising thing that changes your face – eBeautyPlanet UK

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The surprising thing that changes your face

The surprising thing that changes your face
La chose surprenante qui change votre visage

You probably haven’t noticed, but your teeth are moving. And, in addition to forcing the teeth to move away from their alignment and space, the lag can make your smile, and even your face, totally different.

Here’s why:

The teeth seem short
When the teeth move, less of your upper teeth appear when you smile and more of your lower teeth are exposed, giving the appearance of short teeth. “We see more imperfections on the lower teeth because these teeth are smaller and more visible during speech. They are also easily avoided from squeezing and grinding. ” Short teeth can also create an aspect of asymmetry, as the proportional distance between the tip of the nose and the chin seems unbalanced.

The face looks hollow and hollow
It may seem like a stretch to think that your teeth can negatively affect your face to the point that it seems sunken and collapsed, but unfortunately , it is true. Once the teeth start to move, they have less internal support due to a decrease in bone mass, tooth wear and aging of the face itself. As the face ages, the lower jaw loses definition. Although this is partially due to changes in the underlying structure of the face, cosmetic dentist Irwin Smigel says that a collapsing bite will move the jaw forward. “The upper teeth will not be as visible and the distance between the nose and the chin will become shorter, which will make the face look older.”

Teeth have spaces
Teeth have definite shapes and are proportional to each other. But when they move, spaces can form, which can negatively affect the smile. The spaces between the teeth can also make the overall smile crooked and gappy.

The smile
The more the teeth start to move, the more they look worn and rough. Clenching and creaking can also give the impression that the teeth are worn. “Moving your teeth can also change the overall appearance of your smile, but it depends on the teeth involved.” “If the front teeth have moved, then the midline will be cut and the teeth will appear off center or crowded and protruding.”

What to do
Good news: it’s never too late to keep your moving teeth from getting worse. Discuss your concerns with a cosmetic dentist to create the best course of action for you.

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