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The super easy solution to rejuvenate sagging ear lobes

The super easy solution to rejuvenate sagging ear lobes

As we age, the loss of elasticity and collagen in our skin causes sagging, and not only on your face.

Your ear lobes may also show signs of aging, becoming drooping and wrinkled, which can make you look older or make it harder to fit in the earrings. Although sagging ear lobes are not necessarily the first in the fight against aging, rejuvenation of the ear lobe (or lift) is a quick and easy solution that restores the volume lost to aging, damaged ear lobes, you can wear heavy or dangling earrings again.

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“For people aged 40 and over, the collagen in the ear can deteriorate to the point that ear lobe seems flaccid and wrinkled ”. “In these patients, I injected fillers to restore a younger, less wrinkled lobe. ”

A good candidate for this procedure is one who is unhappy. with excessive lines and wrinkles on the ears or those who have stretched earlobe holes. “In general, women who are used to wearing larger earrings or who have had significant exposure to the sun and just want to have less wrinkled lobes are all good candidates for this procedure,” says Dr. Beer.

Using a load of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Beer says that he injects the filling to inflate the deflated earlobe, which helps support the weight of large earrings. ears while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. “I like to use Restylane or Juvéderm Ultra Plus, but any coating will work,” he adds.

“I have been doing this for years and many of my patients come once every nine years. at 12 months. For those who are new to the procedure, I recommend doing it every six months for the first two years, and then about once a year. “

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