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The reason for rosacea: bacteria or enzymes?

The reason for rosacea: bacteria or enzymes?

Millions of people suffer from rosacea, a relatively common inflammatory condition that can make the face too rusty and bumpy.

Fortunately, in recent years, doctors have made great strides in understanding and treating this frustrating skin problem.

Doctors have long been able to identify what triggers rosacea outbreaks – from spicy foods to genes – but they did not know why the patients had the condition. Research at the University of California, San Diego Medical School, highlights compelling evidence about the causes of the disease.

“Too much SCTE (tryptic enzymes of the stratum corneum) and too much cathelicidin lead to the abnormal peptides that cause the symptoms of this disease,” wrote the head of the dermatology division, Richard L. Gallo. While this doesn’t mean much to the layman, it does represent enormous potential for doctors and pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to streamline treatment.

“Antibiotics tend to relieve the symptoms of rosacea in the patients because some of them act to inhibit these enzymes ”, continued Gallo; However, “our results could change the therapeutic approach in the treatment of rosacea, because bacteria are not the right target.”

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