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The power of the shower

The power of the shower

A recent national survey by The Body Shop reveals interesting results: 69% of Europeans would cut shower time to save water and protect the environment.

Did you know that a typical shower head uses about 28 liters of water per minute? What about the average person using 280 liters of water in their 10-minute shower? Here are other striking statistics:

• 34% of consumers surveyed think that a 10-minute shower wastes only 40 liters of water
• 67% of consumers surveyed admit having spent a maximum of 10 minutes in the shower
• 44% of the consumers questioned would be ready to reduce their shower time by one to four minutes
• 53% of the consumers questioned believe that they could clean themselves after a shower of three minutes

In honor of Earth Day and the launch of The Body Shop shower gels for Earth lovers (a line of 100% biodegradable shower gel infused with herbal and fruit extracts ), The Body Shop challenges consumers to reduce their shower time to three minutes and hopes to reduce their environmental footprint. Do you dare to take up the three-minute The Earth Lovers shower challenge?

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