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The next generation of fat reducers

The next generation of fat reducers
La prochaine génération de réducteurs de graisse

As with everything related to the body, technologies continue to improve over time. “The more we use these methods, the more we learn about better results by working with depth and penetration while remaining safe”. Here’s what the next generation of fat fighters will look like.

A fat-breaking injectable
We were patiently waiting for FDA approval for ATX-101, and our sources say this may happen soon. Using a solution that reduces fat, it is injected directly into the fat under the chin to break it, melt it and then get it out of the body. “This is probably the biggest product that will come out because it is unlike anything on the market,” said the plastic surgeon. “We’ve never had a legitimate injectable that works on sub-mental fat.

Combine up to three different technologies at once
Les ultrasound, the cryotherapy and the radio frequency all offer advantages. And, when combined in a single treatment session, the results of this trifecta are far superior to what you can achieve using each technology alone. “I think we’re going to see more – the use of the three together could be huge, as it causes fat to be removed and the skin to shrink,” says Dr. Higgins.

The belly slash
The next new fat fighter comes in the form of injections to remove belly fat. Currently called LIPO-202, this next wave treatment, which is currently in phase 3 of development, uses tiny injections that act on the beta receptors of fat cells to burn them (it does not kill or suppress them) shrink cells, reduce unwanted fat and revive the metabolic process.

Remember that weekly injections of eight weeks are necessary, but if that means a thinner midsection, we bet there will be a lot of people ready to do it.

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