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The latest ways to get young hands

The latest ways to get young hands

From the neck, your skin may be devoid of lines, folds or spots . But your hands say a lot about you, especially your age.

Their delicate skin requires appropriate care, otherwise wrinkles, age spots and swollen veins may appear. With the right treatments and some serious care, you can transform your hands by making them look younger and more beautiful.

Products that improve hydration and remove dead skin help reverse the signs of aging and even out skin tone. While you sleep, the skin works hard to repair the damage done throughout the day.

One of our home treatments favorite , Bioelements Sleepwear for Hands (€ 39), which should be worn in bed, helps prevent and correct the signs of aging in the hands thanks to calcium, peptides and cranberry seed oil.

Specialty spas can be the ultimate destination for reviving your mind and body, hands included. And we’re not talking about a quick massage with your manicure, but rather a hand healing treatment, like Jade Detox. After a manicure that perfects the nails, a jade and ginseng scrub is applied to rough skin to exfoliate it, which restores vitality to the hands. Then, jade stones (symbol of calm and serenity) are placed between the fingers to increase circulation and increase the humidity. The end result: softer, younger hands after just one treatment.

If your hands need more than a spa treatment or home treatment, a board-certified doctor may have the answer. Large veins and thin skin are a direct cause of loss of volume and can give the hands a frail, bony appearance.

To inflate them instantly, plastic surgeon David Morwood, doctor, suggests injectable and fillers , including injections of filling products based on hyaluronic acid, more durable injectables like Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic or even grease.

If the back of the hands shows discoloration, it explains lasers, such as lasers intense pulsed light (IPL) and Q-switch, as well as glycolic and chemical peels TCA. Can be effective. Dr. Morwood added: “Compared to the face, the hands have fewer hair follicles and lubricating glands.

It is therefore important that the treatments are carefully adjusted and measured in order to minimize potential complications. ” To stop aging before you start, he recommends washing your hands. with a high quality cleanser and apply lots of sunscreen and a stimulating moisturizer with collagen.

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