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The history and technology behind fat reducers

The history and technology behind fat reducers

In 2004, Thermage a summer authorized by the FDA to treat facial wrinkles (in 2005 it was licensed for use on the body), and as more and more doctors have used it, they have noticed a reduction in the fat as a side effect of the treatment. “We knew there was a possibility of injuring the fat to get rid of it without involving surgery,” said plastic surgeon Jeffrey Kenkel.

Once this theory became known, the big fighters like CoolSculpting started on the market. Fast forward to 2015, and the concept is dominant. “The challenge is to find predictable, consistent and reproducible devices. There are many ways to get fat, “says Dr. Kenkel. “It was a constant attempt to create the least invasive device that was most effective with the best results. In my opinion, devices that use freezing or ultrasound technology are leading the way, “said Dr. Kenkel.

Fat fighters use a variety of technologies and different applications. To be effective, the plastic surgeon Terrence Higgins, said that the fat cells must be heated or frozen, and the energy source must reach a certain point under the skin. “In order to destroy the fat cells, the device must be 1.5 to 3 centimeters below the skin.” The deeper the energy is pushed into the tissue, the more promising the result. “The more specific the machine is to fat, the more effective it is at fighting fat,” says Dr. Kenkel. After the fat cells have been targeted, the body transforms the fat into biological waste and eliminates it over the next few months.

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