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The Brazilian facelift is not only a trend

The Brazilian facelift is not only a trend
“As the Brazilian facelift continues to gain popularity, plastic surgeons around the world are looking for answers on how to perform it safely and effective”. “We wanted to share our Brazilian perspective on the critical steps in this procedure – emphasizing the need to avoid injecting fat directly into the gluteal muscle to avoid potentially serious complications.”

“Our article summarizes the technical knowledge and experience we have acquired in striving for the best cosmetic results and the best safety results with patients looking to improve their shape “, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ® , the official physician Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the article in the Rosiques was named best international article in the magazine’s annual Best Paper Awards.

Driven by celebrity idols and the influence of social media – think Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj – more and more women are looking for him Brazilian butt lift to get a more complete and rounder shape. According to ASPS statistics, nearly 24,000 women underwent a buttock augmentation with fat transplant in 2018 – an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. “With five years of continuous growth, buttock augmentation is no longer seen as a passing trend.”

In the Brazilian butt lift, the plastic surgeon performs liposuction to obtain fat from a part of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs or sides; then use the treated fat to sculpt and improve the appearance of the buttocks. Fat transplantation has quickly become the preferred choice for buttock improvement, although buttock implants are still a good option for some patients. “There is accumulated experience of more than 30 years with this procedure in Brazil”. “Recent data shows that Brazil alone performs 20% of the total buttock augmentation procedures performed worldwide.”

A critical problem is the need to avoid serious adverse events. In 2015, reports began to report a low but significant death rate from fat embolism in patients undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. These reports have triggered an urgent safety warning regarding these risks, as well as a warning to plastic surgeons to ensure proper technique – in particular, the injection of fat into the subcutaneous tissue, not directly into the gluteal muscles.

The authors note similarities to the safety concerns raised by the increasing popularity of liposuction in the late 1990s. “As in this situation, a better understanding of the risks and an appropriate plastic surgery technique, the complications have decreased ”. More recently, new data suggests that gluteal augmentation may be considered safer than a tummy tuck, a widely accepted procedure.

The authors offer a simple memory aid to remind plastic surgeons of the key steps to ensure safe execution of buttock augmentation with fat graft. The mnemonic “BRAZIL” refers to the use of blunt cannulas, retrograde injection, abundant hydration, avoiding injection in the defined danger zone, the use of implants in certain cases and injecting the largest volume of fat into the subcutaneous area. The award-winning document follows a previous article that reported high patient satisfaction rates after a Brazilian butt lift. This study also attracted the attention of the whole world, by receiving the PRS prize for the best cosmetic paper for 2016.

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