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The best star Botox

The best star Botox
Le meilleur Botox des stars

Achieving a natural look without going, well, just plain old natural [19459009 ] (without makeup or “work”), is more difficult than you might think. Getting the right amount and the right kind of fillers is essential for aging gracefully.

All types of fillers and injectables, both those approved by the FDA and those that are not, can be abused. Although it is not in your interest to have an over-injected substance, the long-term negative effects of Botox, Dysport and loads of hyaluronic acid are generally less serious than loads that are intended to be more durable or permanent.

Click this gallery to see other celebrities who we think are the most naturally beautiful as they age, and get advice on how to get a natural look.

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Actress Jenny McCarthy has aged wonderfully since 1996. “Her Botox (or Dysport) is perfect”, “And her eyebrows have a very feminine arch.”

Stick with temporary charges

According to Dr. Beer, temporary charges seem more natural than something semi-permanent or permanent because they are more compatible with body. “Naturally, our body contains neither plastic nor silicone. When these substances are injected, they never seem so natural, ”he says. Permanent loads do not age with the face either.

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Creating more almond-shaped eyes, like the actress Lori Loughlin , can be achieved with fillers, “because it fills the space under the eyes and fills the cheeks, lifting any loose skin into place. ”

Set a schedule with your doctor and stick to it

Be consistent with the injections, but wait until the majority of the results have worn off before re-injecting. “This way you don’t have to go back to baseline or” start over “every session,” says Dr. Beer.

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Ask your doctor to be conservative

A bit really goes a long way, as we see with Molly Sims [19459025 ].

“Although very light, she seems to have had a filling agent to soften the nasolabial lines at the base of her cheeks and in the mouth commissures at the corners of her mouth”.

Do not combine injections with too many other procedures

Injectables can be combined with other treatments, but it is important not to do anything too much . “Doing too much will distort normal facial proportions and make it look” done “,” says Dr. Beer.

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As for your lips, your lower lip should be 30% larger than your upper lip. When she was younger, Courteney Cox ‘s lips seemed a bit thinner. Today, she still doesn’t have wrinkles around her mouth, which can make lips look older than they really are.

“Her lips are fuller. There are no lines and its border is well defined. “

Know what is injected

There are women who are injected by unqualified practitioners who do not use FDA approved fillers, but rather non-medical grade silicone injectables which can cause problems.

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Know where it is injected

There are certain areas on the face that, when injected, have certain reactions to the filler – both good and bad. An excellent example is seen here with Kelly Ripa .

“Her crow’s feet are less tight, more open and more relaxed” .. “I bet she had a touch of Voluma,” said Maribona, explaining that patients with eyes or tight orbicular muscles receive a push-up bra effect when Voluma is injected into the area, pushing the eye up and supporting it.

Start early

“After about five years of repeated and regular injections, the skin will appear softer, and there will be more collagen”, [ 19459012]

“Continuing with injections of Botox or Dysport approximately every four months, before there is a full recurrence of muscle activity, seems to slow the progression of aging.”

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Restore the definition

If the two lines that extend down from your nose to your lips, known under the name of philtrum, have become flat (with the ridges almost impossible to see), your doctor can inject a load to them to reinflate them and restore the definition.

As we can see here, the lips of Nicole Kidman have remained plump and defined over the years.

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