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Aesthetics | The best anti-aging spa treatment for youThe best anti-aging spa treatment for you – eBeautyPlanet UK

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The best anti-aging spa treatment for you

The best anti-aging spa treatment for you

In addition to regenerating, renewing and regenerating thanks to targeted treatments, more and more spas present specific anti-aging offers – those that incorporate serious skin care ingredients, revolutionary methods and technologically advanced techniques that go beyond of the standard;

It’s no secret that the inclusion of active ingredients in skin care products is growing in popularity, and specific spa treatments are not are not excluded from the trend.

“People no longer consider facials as massages for the face that activate circulation”, “They expect innovative and effective ingredients to actually work in the skin. Facials with vitamin C, probiotics, plant extracts and all types of stem cells are extremely popular right now. ”

To get the most out of your spa experience, try having an anti-aging product recommended for your age :

In your twenties , you should have regular facials. They help relieve acne and improve the skin. ”

At 30 years old , as fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent, anti-oxidant treatments can contribute to this. ” Vitamins like C and A are important.

At 40 years old , We recommend the use of oxygen facial treatments. “They impregnate the skin with moisture and vitamins and create a fleshier, smoother appearance and more brilliant. “

From the age of 50 , microdermabrasion and treatments: We must explore medical quality ingredients. “Peptides and collagen boosters dry the skin”.

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