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The 5 most important wrinkle filling rules

The 5 most important wrinkle filling rules

We believe that the appropriate use of injectable can improve your appearance and make a dramatic difference in the way you age. Just make sure that the right precautions are taken so that you don’t look like a modified or older version of yourself.

Don’t overdo it
Especially true for beginners, it’s better to do too much. If at first you do too much for your face, it is much more difficult – or almost impossible – to go back and fix it. In the event of a failure, you can always progress to do more when it is really necessary.

Trust your face in the right hands
It is important to look for only a certified plastic surgeon who has a good understanding of facial aesthetics, as well as education, knowledge and training on how to perform plastic surgery and fillers and injectables while maintaining good aesthetic judgment. “So many people have their faces treated by someone who is not professionally or appropriately trained, or who has received no education about facial structure, aging and the tools to deal with it, and will do whatever the patient asks. ”

Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it has to be
You don’t need to start with loads or surgery just because you reach a certain age or because everyone around you is doing it. Do it when you think it will benefit you. Make sure the procedures and treatments you choose best suit your age and your concerns at the right time in your life so that your look is age-appropriate.

Show your doctor pictures of yourself when you were young
Dr. Biesman says it’s the real secret to getting an almost perfect look. “If your doctor can get an idea of ​​how your face looked when you were younger, even if it was only five years ago, he will be able to better assess what needs to be done and do it right.”

Don’t ignore what you were born with
Not all procedures can be performed on every person. If you don’t have the natural facial structure to support a certain change in your face, what you are asking for may not be something you can achieve as it will change your face and ultimately not look natural.

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