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That’s why the fat from my thighs are my problem

That’s why the fat from my thighs are my problem

Weight gain is not the only reason why different parts of the body appear fatter than others; there are many ways to accumulate fat. However, each area is sensitive to fat in its own way.


Fats in the stomach result from calories and fat from food, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates. Some of the belly fat is found near the surface, which can be treated surgically, while some of the fat is found deep in the belly. The only way to reduce this type of fat is to lose weight by exercising and changing your diet.


Commonly known as panniers, the fat that accumulates on the thighs and hips is one of the most difficult to target. Genetics and gender are essential components of fat in the thigh, especially the inner thighs. In addition, we burn fewer calories with age and the fat in our thighs is thicker, which can lead to a less defined silhouette. Liposuction can make your thighs leaner, and your buttocks also better, thanks to a more proportionate result.


While your genes are partly responsible for the fat that builds up in your buttocks, the shape of your body is also responsible for it. Pear shaped bodies tend to have extra weight in the buttocks. However, if your buttocks are too small to support excess fat, they may appear larger than they actually are.


Fat accumulates in the arms due to excessive weight gain. The arms are often one of the last parts of the body to gain weight because they contain fewer fat cells. Fat is stored where there is nowhere to go. Once the fat is deposited in the arms, they can sag and become soft.


the rollers that appear on the upper back and around the bra line can be annoying and difficult to conceal. This type of fat often has a genetic component. Failure to wear a properly fitting bra can also cause an unsightly back fat appearance. When the back strap is too tight or improperly adjusted, it can create a bulge as the fabric sinks into the skin.

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