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Tepezcohuite is the skin care ingredient that completely transformed my skin

Tepezcohuite is the skin care ingredient that completely transformed my skin

Let’s get straight to the point:
Tepezcohuite (te-pez- coh-wee-teh) is such a powerful skin care repair ingredient that it was literally used to treat burn victims in Mexico after a serious gas explosion in the 1980s killed 7,000 people. It worked so well that medical staff returned with tepezcohuite treatment the following year after the Mexico City earthquake that caused several fires. It is also considered a favorite of Mayan fans for the treatment of skin lesions around the year 500 – it is now cited as a reference in 2019 – and has been qualified by “Mexican native” as a skin tree for its overall benefits on the skin, aging and soothing included.

Tepezcohuite comes from the tree Mimosa tenuiflora , a plant native mainly to Central and South America. Salma Hayek not only liked the staff at the hospital, it was also the reason why she gave perfect, youthful skin at 48 years of age (in 2015). Interviewed with ELLE Magazine , she claimed that tepezcohuite was the reason she had never received injections like Botox or a filler, or even a chemical peel).

If you want to know more:
Some people never learn (and by people, I mean myself). Every summer, I go out of my hibernation in cold weather and I meet the same burning sun. Every summer, I also involuntarily put my health in the hands of someone else when I politely ask them to apply sunscreen on hard-to-reach places on my back. Spoiler: I am no stranger to a serious burn, because I am never completely protected from sun protection, thanks to the application of sunscreen half made by those who love me the most.

Although what remains most important is my SPF coverage, I now have a secret weapon for all these strange patches of burns that seem to creep when my people – literally – do not turn their backs on me: ASDM Beverly Hills Tepezcohuite Cream ($ 25). I’ll spare you the bloody details, but I felt the (bad) burning this weekend after spending too much time in the park and decided to try the moisturizer I had heard of. Tepezcohuite is rarely used in the country (probably due to a lack of research on the ingredient), but ASDM Beverly Hills is one of the brands touting this product.


Image reproduced with the kind permission of the brand

The formula of Tepezcohuite cream ‘ASDM is a little oily at first, but absorbs quite quickly. So don’t worry if you’re in a grab-and-go situation or hate the film that other creams can leave on the skin. Despite this initial greasy texture, the moisturizer is still very light and, even if I haven’t tried my face, I guess it’s a non-comedogenic substance. There is a kind of earthy scent and sensation, and a glance at the list of ingredients suggests that the smell is natural and not an addition to terrorize sensitive skin.

Noting that the cream also contains organic aloe, I was in too much of a hurry to lay down on the skin exposed to the sun located on the inside of my elbow and in the center of my shoulder blade. Although my burns were not completely eliminated that night, a few hours after application, I noticed that the skin parts in question were still very hydrated and no longer felt crisp or dehydrated. Maybe it was just me, but they also seemed to be in less pain. beauté cométique soins de la peau Tepezcohuite est lingrédient de soin de la peau qui a complètement transformé ma peau 2

I applied again the next morning and the night before bed, and I swear that my sunburn no longer made me suffer and started to heal satisfactorily – it is still between recovery stages, but I literally planned to wear long sleeves. All week in extreme heat – yes, you read that right – to hide my elbow, so it’s a big improvement. This caliber of burn for me still deserves major scaly skin afterwards (particularly troublesome if you can’t reach it on your back), but although my arm still looks a little pink, I jump just beyond the flaking and begins to see my skin speed up with the post-sun soothing.

The moral of the story is this: if Salma Hayek swears by one ingredient, you don’t take it lightly.

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