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Targeted treatment to cure stubborn imperfections

Targeted treatment to cure stubborn imperfections

We have seen many treatments for the treatment of acne, but none as clever as Clarity Blemish Repair of Intraceuticals Australian centered on oxygen .

This targeted pen combines effective ingredients with careful application.

Each time you press the silver button at the bottom of the pen, it sends a mixture of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, lipids, tea and hyaluronate sodium through the tip of the sponge, allowing you to focus on the inflamed pimples that need to be healed.

Although the formula is effective, what really makes Clarity Blemish Repair really unique is the aforementioned sponge tip.

The pen comes with more than a dozen people, so you can replace them regularly to get the purest treatment possible. You never have to worry about permanent contamination of a permanent tip.

After all, bacteria play a central role in acne, it would be unfortunate if your treatment contributed to the breakout cycle.

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