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Suneva Medical: An integrated portfolio offers a turnkey regenerative aesthetic system

Suneva Medical: An integrated portfolio offers a turnkey regenerative aesthetic system

Regarding new aesthetic regenerative therapies, doctors and consumers are looking for innovative technologies to improve their experience treatment and their overall results.

To help develop and elevate practices wishing to enter the regenerative aesthetic market, Suneva Medical recently restructured its product portfolio. To do this, the company incorporated its long-lasting dermal filling product, Bellafill, into a complete set of products including Puregraft ® . fat transplant intended for regenerating rejuvenation of the face and body, as well as a technology for treating platelet-rich plasma (PRP), called “platelet-rich plasma”, called Suneva. PRP HD, with an innovative high platelet capture system.
According to Regina Fearmonti, plastic surgeon, “the Suneva triad meets the essential needs of patients with regard to all aspects of aging. The portfolio contributes to structural support, volume restoration and tissue regeneration, safely and effectively. ”
“ This user-friendly platform also offers doctors an easier way to introduce regenerative aesthetic procedures into their practice, ”said Michael Somenek, plastic surgeon at face. “This combination of products is extremely avant-garde and very well thought out, consolidating the number of steps to achieve impressive results for patients, which is always welcome because it makes our lives easier.”
Dr. Fearmonti commented on the Puregraft process: “This increases efficiency and safety during fat recovery, allowing atraumatic treatment of fat with minimal manipulation to produce a larger and more reproducible graft. The closed system offers less risk of contamination and facilitates a more automated experience.
“When combined with a fat graft, used after ablative laser treatment or combined with a microneedling, PRP stimulates growth factors that stimulate and improve the regeneration mechanisms of the skin, ”continued Dr Fearmonti. “The Suneva PRP system offers a faster and less painful alternative to other systems and generates a concentration two to three times higher, which is ideal for use with facial injections and / or microneedling facials.”
“Doctors take advantage of a mixture of closed PRP and fat treatment systems like these, which produce high quality results when they are used correctly, ”said Jason Emer, cosmetic dermatologist, who used Suneva HD PRP. , Puregraft and Bellafill in combination to treat facial rejuvenation and acne scars.
“Suneva has long offered products that work very well in the field in terms of collagen development and reduction of inflammation,” he said. .
Regarding the reaction of patients to receive such regenerative therapies, Dr. Somenek said: “Patients are drawn to these cell-based approaches. They like us to use their own tissue and growth factors. In their mind, it is not an implant or a foreign body that may be rejected. In fact, we know that the body will accept PRP, the fat and filler components we have incorporated, and that patients will not have to worry about long-term sequelae or similar complications. “

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