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Study shows benefits of breast reduction in young women

Study shows benefits of breast reduction in young women

A study by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ® , official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), concludes that breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective procedure for adolescent girls and young women with pain and other problems related to excessively large breasts.

According to the report of the surgeon Brian I. Labow, member of the ASPS, and his colleagues from Boston Children’s Hospital, although complications are common, they are generally minor and do not reduce the benefits of breast reduction surgery in young patients. “Breast reduction surgery significantly improves breast-related symptoms and the physical and psychosocial well-being of adolescent and young adult patients,” write the researchers.

Even with complications, good breast reduction results in patients young

Breast reduction is one of the most common plastic surgeries common in the United States. One of the reasons for its popularity is the huge impact of large, heavy breasts on the quality of life for women and the dramatic improvements in physical and mental health brought about by surgery.

In previous studies, Dr. Labow and his team have shown that the quality of life of young people patients with large breasts had a significantly reduced quality of life compared to their unaffected peers and these negative effects could be restored by surgery. According to the authors, “Reduced breast plastic surgery in adolescents remains controversial due to concerns and a lack of data regarding postoperative breast growth, complications and the effect on well-being.” The researchers analyzed the complications and their impact on the quality of life of 512 adolescent girls. and young women ages 12 to 21 who had breast reduction surgery between 2008 and 2017. The results showed that the benefits of breast reduction surgery were similar to those reported in previous studies: pain and other breast related symptoms have decreased, while physical health has decreased. being, psychosocial functioning,

About a third of patients developed some sort of complication – however, “Vast majority” of the complications were minor. “Patients have had significant postoperative improvements in their physical and psychosocial well-being, whether or not they have had a complication,” write Dr. Labow and his co-authors.

The most common complication was the appearance of thickened or raised scars (hypertrophic scars), occurring in 20% of patients. Those affected by scars have been offered treatment, whether it be surgery or a steroid injection.

One of the concerns regarding breast reduction surgery for adolescent girls is the risk of breast growth after breast cancer. surgical intervention. This happened in about five percent of the patients in the study, which caused breast-related symptoms to return in about half of the cases. Noting that postoperative breast growth was not related to age, the researchers stressed the need to individually assess the maturation of each patient.

Although the benefits and risks of breast reduction in adults are well documented, few studies were devoted to the risks and benefits of this intervention for adolescent girls and young women. Although 80% of affected women experience their first symptoms in adolescence, most women who undergo surgical reduction are around 50 years of age.

The new study confirms the good results of breast reduction surgery in patients aged 12 to 21 years old, despite a significant risk of essentially minor complications. Dr. Labow and colleagues conclude: “The fear of potential complications should not prevent healthy patients from the benefits that breast reduction surgery can provide to adolescents.”

“This study confirms that preoperative advice on potential complications is essential”, according to a video commentary from the editor of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Rod J. Rohrich, MD. “Although new research is always welcome, the results show that breast reduction in adolescent girls is safe and effective.”

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