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Steps for blemish-free skin

Steps for blemish-free skin

While some learn to love these tiny brown spots on the tip of the nose, cheeks and shoulders, others seek discoloration for freckled skin.

Fortunately, you can lighten freckles and unwanted spots instead of just covering them with makeup. And getting brighter, smoother, blemish-free skin can be easier than you think.

Protect and prevent
Under a medical name like ephelides, it is not surprising that freckles have a bad reputation. While “simple freckles”, the tiny brown spots on your skin that you have had since birth are harmless, lentigines or “sun freckles” should be taken more seriously. Usually larger, red in color and with an irregular border, these spots are obvious signs of sun damage . Regardless of your age, when you notice your freckles, exposure to the sun can only make them darker and more numerous. The easiest way to prevent freckles from forming is to use sunscreen. . “I recommend applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30”. “No product will effectively lighten the skin without the daily use of sunscreen.”

OTC lighteners can help reduce freckles and blemishes for more even skin. Containing the power of L-ascorbic acid and daisy extract in an exfoliating base, used weekly, Arcona Brightening Gommage (€ 52 ) helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, leaving the skin glowing and glowing. Another fading attenuator to try is Sampar Spot Lighter (45 €); Convenient for people on the go, the enzyme, citrus and chamomile-based pen gently fades. In addition, it protects the skin from future damage, making it a perfect conditioner.

Zap Away
For long-term tarnishing of freckles, laser resurfacing can lighten and regenerate. Unlike to chemical peels and to microdermabrasion , which just exfoliate, Washington, DC, dermatologist Tina Alster, MD , claims that laser lasers, such as Q-switch, Alexandrite and Nd: YAG systems, specifically destroy the pigments located in the epidermis and dermis to eliminate discoloration with minimal side effects. Fractional resurfacing lasers , like Fraxel, dig tiny holes in the skin to deliver a controlled dose of heat to the deepest layers, thus eliminating freckles from the interior. Not a laser, but similar in terms of results, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses broadband light to reduce freckles. Not all lasers are the same. It is therefore important that your doctor accurately diagnoses your skin before treatment.

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