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Sinus: Should you go to the spa?

Sinus: Should you go to the spa?

If you suffer from allergies, chronic congestion, asthma or the “recovered” side of a cold or flu , a treatment that relaxes the respiratory muscles and targets the sinus acu-points may be beneficial.

Discuss these points of interest with your massage therapist before receiving a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage or aromatherapy.

Ignore for now

If you are sick or have a cold or flu, stay away. “A massage will remove toxins from the muscles and challenge your body to dissipate them,” says Hope Gillerman, holistic healer in New York.

“While your body is busy fighting an external pathogen, it should not be attacked any further.”

Why Regular Massage Makes Things Worse

Massage Can Strengthen the Immune System, But When the Body Fights Disease, Massage Can Be too trying. “One of the effects of massage is to release toxins and help lymphatic function, which is beneficial for a healthy person,” says Maha Lakshmanan, Pavitra at The BodyHoliday Wellness Center in Saint Lucia. “But, while the body is waging a war against a virus, flooding the system with other stored toxins can worsen your feeling and possibly lengthen recovery time.”

Aromatherapy at home

Create an aromatherapy experience similar to a home spa with the Essio starter kit, a device that attaches to your shower and releases a therapeutic blend of organic essential oils into the water. 45 €, essioshower.com

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