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Simple and safe non-toxic skin care

Simple and safe non-toxic skin care

A few years ago, the environment working group launched the security database , an incredibly comprehensive resource that rates tens of thousands of beauty products on a toxicity scale of 0 to 10.

After collecting information on ingredients from more than 50 organizations, each score being based on the link between the following components: cancer, disruption of the endocrine system, allergies, bioaccumulation, irritation, occupational risks, biochemical changes and multiple types of toxicity (especially neurological and reproductive).

Needless to say, it is rare to find a product with a score of 0 safe, let alone an entire line.

In fact, there is only one brand of beauty in the world can claim zeros, and that is Ava Anderson Non-Toxic .

Named after its founder and basic principle, the six products in this collection were inspired by Anderson’s anxiety over deceptively dangerous skin care.

“I was frustrated when I discovered that, despite claims of” natural “and” organic “, many products sold as healthy alternatives still contain questionable ingredients,” laments Anderson, “Particularly when you realize how many chemicals can be hidden under the ingredient” perfume ”listing.”

Against all odds, its toxin-free formulas are fully effective. The moisturizer with the natural name , with its naturally lemony scent, sinks quickly into the skin to leave it soft and smooth.

While shea butter and honeysuckle nourish, the antioxidant vitamins A and E protect your complexion and give it a rejuvenated appearance.

Ironically, Anderson doesn’t need help to look young: she’s only 15 years old! But despite being in the middle of her salad days, this pretty prodigy has proven to be a non-toxic force to be reckoned with in the chemical beauty industry.

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