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RÖS’S Aesthetics, 40 years at the forefront of aesthetic technology

RÖS’S Aesthetics, 40 years at the forefront of aesthetic technology

RÖS’S is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a beauty specialist, manufacturer and distributor of advanced technologies.

As it could not be less, the company celebrates its anniversary in style, four decades facing the best of aesthetics , adding satisfied customers and centers to the latter. For this reason, “ we want to share this important date and celebration with all the customers who have supported the company for the past 40 years, by launching the campaign 40 years of aesthetic technology [ 19459010], with a proposal for 15% reduction on our Premium binary and Rollaction models “, explain the managers of the company.

Success supported by research and development

The company RÖS’S Estética, at the forefront of the manufacture of aesthetic technologies since 1979, is today one of the most recognized and brands specializing in equipment and devices for Beauty centers and S not .

His business and work philosophy has always been focused on innovation and evolution, which has earned him the recognition and prestige he enjoys from its beginnings until today. hui. Dozens of models designed, some of the most remarkable innovations in the sector, their tireless effort and their daily commitment to bring aesthetic technology to the four corners of the world, are three of the most remarkable characteristics and qualities of the company and the team of RÖS Estética.

Specialists and Specialists

This is without a doubt a very special and significant date for all that this implies. There is no doubt that RÖS’S Estética is an integral part of the history of professional beauty. With this celebration, the company reaffirms itself in the innovation and internationalization which have always characterized it, betting more than ever on the opening of new channels, notably the M doctor and the P hysiotherapy and the expansion of its network of international representatives.

Thus, and in this dynamic, Binary Premium , the new model already available for professionals, has just given a a real start to this new era in which RÖS’S, in turn, strengthens two fundamental areas.

This is training , thanks to the extension of its scientific team and marketing , to the increase of its services free digital services for the end customer.

In this way, the company clearly engages in the professional specialization of Beauty centers and pays particular attention to the immediacy of the board. A team of beauticians, physiotherapists, engineers and marketing specialists will support current and future RÖS customers in their growth.

Technology and training

More precisely, the new model Premium binary presents a renewed image and a multitude of protocols for processing aesthetics, the good being , pain, recovery and rehabilitation.

In order to bring technology to professional centers from all over Spain, RÖS’S has developed a very complete calendar of presentation, which you can consult on its website, www.ross.es

The revolution of RÖS lasts for 40 years and promises to remain so.

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