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Redness remedies for two skin types

Redness remedies for two skin types

Most often when a company offers a solution against redness and sensitivity, it is a skin for everyone. Dry or oily, we offer the same formula. But it is not the case here.

One of the most elegant and effective beauty brands we know at the same time, Erno Laszlo offers Redness FX . But not just a redness FX- two : a cream for dry skin and a lotion for oily skin.

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Erno Laszlo understands that, although environmental irritants and chemical irritants can make both skin types worse, each has additional unique causes of redness, such as dryness excessive and inflamed acne, respectively.

Although they share a name, the two formulas have little in common, sharing only a few ingredients, such as chamomile and seaweed. The cream soothes and stops itching in dry skin with red algae, camellia, licorice, olive oil, cashews, aloe and goji; while the lotion removes oily skin with arnica, bisabolol, dimethicone, menthol, sea whisk and tea tree oil.
Whatever the difference, it has been proven that these two drugs reduce redness by more than 70% in just a few weeks.

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