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Red flags in plastic surgery: the 5 signs

Red flags in plastic surgery: the 5 signs

Your doctor is called a cosmetic surgeon.

No plastic surgeon or certified plastic facial surgeon defines himself as a “cosmetic surgeon”. A plastic surgeon is not the same as a plastic surgeon and lacks proper training and certifications.

Your doctor does not have a privilege hospital or l The establishment where the procedure is to be carried out is not approved.

This means that your doctor cannot operate in the hospital, often because he is unqualified.

Surprising results.

There is no warranty as to aesthetic procedures. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Your doctor will not show you examples of their work.

Before and after pictures are the best way to assess the aesthetics of a plastic surgeon. If he doesn’t show you pictures of surgeries done in the past or if the results are dismal, find a new doctor.

You are told that you will meet the doctor at the time of surgery.

You must meet with the doctor who will perform your surgery before going to the operating room. If you only meet with a patient coordinator or a nurse, don’t opt ​​for the procedure.

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