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Quanta System: Picosecond laser raises the bar

Quanta System: Picosecond laser raises the bar

Offering three laser wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm), four pulse modes (picosecond, Q-switch , Optipulse, photothermal) and a peak power of 1.8 GW, the Discovery Pico laser from Quanta System (Milan, Italy), effectively treats tattoos and pigmentation of the face.

In addition, it now offers a fractionated handpiece for effective and safe treatment of skin texture, acne and surgical scars. In addition, the unique degree of flexibility and tissue-saving capabilities allow for effective tattoo removal and high-quality facial skin treatments.

With tattoo ink placed deeper and more densely in the fabric and a wider variety of colors, tattoo removal becomes more complex. Processing should include multiple devices or a system with the power and variability necessary to process all colors. In a single laser system, multiple wavelengths in different pulse modes can change treatment as the elimination process progresses.
“With the Discovery Pico, I can easily treat a tattoo with multiple colors,” said Thomas Griffin, MD, dermatologist and head of the laser and cosmetic department at Dermatology Associates. “By pressing a button on the screen, I can switch between 532 nm to process reds, yellows and oranges, 694 nm to process blues and purples and 1064 nm to process blacks.”
The laser also allows a stepwise treatment approach for high density tattoos. “The theory is to break down the ink into small enough particles for the body’s immune system to disappear. The Q-switch mode has a longer pulse width, which has the effect of breaking down bulky ink globes into medium-sized pebbles, “says Dr. Griffin.
“After a session or two, I switch from Q-switch to picosecond mode. I use much shorter photoacoustic pulses (450/370 ps) to hammer pebbles into the sand. Using this approach, I can safely and effectively treat dense tattoos in fewer sessions – on the same device. ”
A remarkable innovation in the Discovery Pico series is the level of peak power provided by ultra short pulses. This increased power allows higher fluence for larger dot sizes, allowing processing of deep ink particles.
Beyond tattoos
The picosecond laser can also effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles and scars . “The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles is well tolerated,” said Dr. Griffin. “Split energy reduces downtime and improves safety. I only treat deeper areas of the skin, as opposed to all of the skin and tissue. “
High energy, distinctive spots
Besides the 1.8 GW of power, the Discovery Pico series offers an Nd: YAG double wavelength laser source capable of discharging up to 800 mJ of energy in picosecond mode. In addition, the Quanta Optibeam II handpiece deals with a wide range of square, round and fractional points with flat tips, making Discovery Pico a powerful and flexible laser.
“The photomechanical effect causes deeper damage to the skin and does not generate heat,” observed Dr. Griffin. “Few patients experience more than a few hours of immobilization. The exception would be when I increase the potency to treat acne scars or associated skin disturbances. “
Patients also have little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. “I can aggressively treat darker skin more safely,” said Dr. Griffin. “For ablative and non-ablative lasers, I need to reduce energy and density and provide more treatments, increasing the number of visits, the cost and the use of consumables; but it’s not necessary with the PS. “
” Picosecond has become my basic treatment for tattoos, acne scars and melasma, “said Dr. Griffin.

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