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Pretty eyebrows in a cute kit

Pretty eyebrows in a cute kit

The moment we saw the kits Vanitymark’s Ultra Brow by – and put them on our eyebrows – we were in love. The luxurious and comprehensive collections are easy to use and incredibly flattering. They are all with the Ultra-Brow Pencil , powder , Glaze , Angle Spoolie and ultra-Tweez [19459008 ] tweezers. At € 75, the kit saves you € 15 compared to purchasing each item separately.

There are six different kit colors to choose from. Blondest (think Christina Aguilera), Blondie (think Kate Bosworth), Milk Choco (think Thandie Newton), Dark Choco (think Eva Longoria), Gingerella (thinks Nicole Kidman) and Auburnista (thinks Debra Messing). With the right color in hand and Brett’s craftsmanship in each product, you get a truly polished and pretty look.

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