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Prepare your skin for cosmetic surgery

Prepare your skin for cosmetic surgery

Peelings, lasers and surgical procedures injure the skin in one way or another. It is therefore essential to prime your skin in the weeks leading up to your procedure.

For the reaction to treatment to be optimal, the skin cells must turn around quickly and the collagen-producing cells must be reactive.

Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend retinoids and / or acids to prepare the skin.

These active ingredients act in two ways: they allow cells to turn around more quickly and help push collagen into remodeling mode, which facilitates the healing process.

However, you may be told to stop use some of these potentially aggressive ingredients a week or two before the procedure so that your skin does not peel during treatment.

The use of sunscreen after a procedure is obvious, but most patients do not realize the importance of the prior use of sunscreen in order to avoid changes in pigment after treatment. The use of an SPF of at least 30 before a procedure makes it possible to keep the pigment-producing cells under control, so that they do not get carried away when they are subjected to the stress of treatment or surgery.

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