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Pregnant? Your beauty routine may need to wait

Pregnant? Your beauty routine may need to wait

Pregnant women are known to have a beautiful glow when they are carrying babies, but that doesn’t mean that this is enough to make them feel their best.

And as the average age of new mothers like Molly Sims, 38, has increased over the past two decades (babies born to women aged 35 or over more reached 14% of all new mothers, compared to 9% in 1990). wondered, are there any antiaging or beauty treatments that we need to reduce?

We asked a dermatologist if injections or loads should be stopped before conception. “I recommend stopping all injections as soon as you have confirmed that the patient is pregnant, but not before.”

During your pregnancy, she said: “I would prevent them all from staying safe, even if none of the commonly used products are teratogenic [harmful to the development of the fetus ] ”.

Here are some other beauty treatments to stop during pregnancy: artificial nails, which may contain chemicals that can put your baby at risk; hot thermal treatments like hot stone massage, because the high body temperature created by the expectant mother can actually cause miscarriage during the first trimester; and any dental work that requires an x-ray, which exposes your baby to radiation.

After giving birth, you can immediately resume anti-aging injectables or loads, unless you are breastfeeding. “I would wait for Botox or Dysport if you are breastfeeding, but I think the fillers based on hyaluronic acid would be acceptable”

Want ideas on what you can do to be to your advantage throughout your nine months? You can epilate your hair, use a self-tanner and most certainly use your sunscreen.

I love the new microdermabrasion machine known as “Dermasweep. “You get incredible exfoliation and can follow up with an infusion of a moisturizing solution.”

What beauty rituals did you remove … or add … during your pregnancy?

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