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Post-Plastic Surgery Healing Begins With Food

Post-Plastic Surgery Healing Begins With Food

If you have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure or if you plan for the future, whether it is a facelift, a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation or even injections, you may want to turn to your refrigerator for faster healing.

It turns out that certain foods can help you bruise and recover, very quickly.

A study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has found that a combo of nutrients including bromelain, vitamin C and grape seed extract reduced 17% recovery time from patient lifting.

Although the study is focused on supplementation, you can easily get these nutrients from whole foods. What foods do these healers contain and how do they work? Good question.

Bromelain can be found in the juicy pineapple. The enzyme has been shown to calm inflammation and act as a “cleansing agent” by digesting dead skin cells to help heal wounds gently.

Vitamin C , present in high concentration in orange and red fruits such as peppers, citrus fruits and papayas, contributes to cell renewal and the formation of new collagen.

It has been proven that the grape seed extract , which is in the form of a supplement, protects vitamin C from oxidation , thereby allowing it to penetrate and strengthen cell membranes.

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