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Post-maternity metabolism

Post-maternity metabolism

Before trying to lose weight, remember that it took you nine months to gain those extra pounds. So you have to give yourself a realistic timetable for losing them.

Breastfeeding helps you burn more fat, but it can’t help much, especially if you eat the right foods to feed the baby and try to satiate your increased appetite.

Many women find it harder to lose weight than they thought, even by watching their diet and exercising.

It may be because your metabolism has slowed down and what has already worked for your body may no longer be effective.

Lack of sleep and poor nutrition may be partly to blame, and perhaps you have less time and energy to exercise.

To start with, try to eat smaller and more frequent meals to boost your metabolism, and try to do weight training in your fitness program. After a few months of your new routine, you are sure to see the results and possibly get back in your pre-pregnancy clothes.

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