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Outstanding results of a discoloration reducer

Outstanding results of a discoloration reducer

We would gladly try the new Kiehl’s, if we had simply called it color corrector; but even if they are rather discreet, they have so much confidence in this treatment that they have given it the boastful name of very effective complexion corrector .

Now, it is not because the title is a little shameless that it is not true. In fact, it’s pretty accurate. This unique blend of iconic glycolic acid (also known as Indian gooseberry) and HEPES (hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane sulfonic acid) works wonders for discoloration and even roughness.

Whatever type of hyperpigmentation – whether it be brown spots, freckles or post-acne spots – it is suitable for both spot treatment and uniform treatment.

So we think we can forgive Kiehl for bragging little.

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