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New treatment superficially delivers nanofat for facial rejuvenation

New treatment superficially delivers nanofat for facial rejuvenation

Belgian plastic surgeons say that a new treatment using microneedling to uniformly administer nanofat in the skin will rejuvenate but will not volumize the treated areas, according to one article published in April 2019 in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery .

The standard method for administering nanofats, or stromal vascular fraction derived from adipose tissue, into the skin, consists of a superficial injection using 27 gauge needles. But these authors offer a means of introducing nanofat in the papillary dermis using a micro-drive device with manual pumping action.

Each tap on the device produces 20 micro channels in the skin, and the supplier takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes on average to deliver the complete 8 ml container.

By this time, the clinician will have delivered from 72,000 to 96,000 micro channels in the skin. The provider then repeats the process until the treatment area is covered. They recommend leaving the nanofat on the skin for 10 minutes to allow its penetration through the micro channels before cleaning and applying a nanofat cream (obtained by combining 9 cc of nanofat, 1 cc of methylcellulose powder and 10 cc saline solution) on the surface of the skin after the procedure. Patients should continue to apply the cream regularly over the next three days.

The study describes the use of this process around the eyes and mouth, neck and décolleté. One in five patients has petechiae in the treatment area. Downtime is 24 to 48 hours, although a fix may be necessary. The results, including reducing wrinkles and improving the texture and color of the skin, will be most evident two to three months after treatment.

Co-editor and plastic surgeon James M. Stuzin, MD , explains that while many minimally invasive treatments to reduce damage from the sun require multiple treatments , the authors suggest that a single treatment with nanofat injection is often sufficient. “ This is a very interesting article in the sense that when they introduce nanofat into the upper layer of the dermis, you get a regenerative effect, “, said Dr Stuzin .

The authors write that, while the initial clinical results of the combined approach are encouraging, the innovation requires longer follow-up and more research on biopsy specimens to corroborate its histological effects.

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