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New formulations and genetic tests support personalized skin care protocols

New formulations and genetic tests support personalized skin care protocols

Following the direction of the medical field as a whole, the fields of medical aesthetics and dermatology are inexorably turning to progressive and comprehensive therapies. This approach combines various integrative clinical techniques that take care of the complete well-being of the patient, including complementary skin care regimens.

The use of topical products can improve the clinical results resulting from surgery, energy-based therapies and minimally invasive facial treatments (neurotoxins, dermal fillers and thread lifting). Although this approach will continue in the near future, the way practitioners design personalized skin care solutions will be part of what promises to be a total transformation of medicine.

“Medical, genetic, hormonal, nutritional and other profiles lead to highly personalized integrative care,” said Jennifer Pearlman, M.D., medical director of PearlMD Rejuvenation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“We organize mixed panels on our patients. In this context, it is considered the health of janitors. We call this approach “precision skin care” a different level. Your eyes can only see a lot, so we use science to deliver the ultimate in personalized skin care.

Stay up to date on the latest medical and scientific approaches to anti-aging, as well as topical formulations and ingredients; and the way in which these products interact with personalized therapies on several levels is essential for navigating the evolving landscape of aesthetic medicine.

“The practice of combination and matched therapies has increased, but these approaches are often receiving very mixed reviews from doctors and patients because we are in an era of instant gratification,” said Doris Day , MD, dermatologist in New York, New York.

“Hot topics, however, are for everyone,” she said. “The use of topicals is very powerful and we give a treatment regimen to each patient who passes by here. In addition, I will combine them with fillers or facial threads, sometimes over time and sometimes during the same session. “

Professional skin care has advanced remarkably, from old simple moisturizers to increasingly sophisticated molecules and active ingredients, noted William Philip Werschler, MD, dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of medicine / dermatology, at the University of Washington medical school in Seattle, Washington.

“We have seen a real improvement in the quality of the formulas over time, and there has been a definitive genesis and evolution of new ingredients in the skin care product lines”, a he declared.

“If you go back to the 90s, you had alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy / salicylic acids, which were all the rage. The companies then started working with peptides and formulations for hydration and hydration. After a while, scientists began to look at growth factor formulations and, more recently, human growth factors, followed by stem cell products derived from plants. There are now a lot of new platelet-rich plasma (PRP) products and even newer approaches that are part of the emerging wave of regenerative aesthetics, “said Dr. Werschler.

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