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Misuse of an injectable can lead to deformation

Misuse of an injectable can lead to deformation

We cannot say it enough: a doctor’s experience with specific injectables is a crucial factor in your results .

A lack of expertise could lead to poor results or, as a 2007 study shows, disfigurement.

Four patients who received superficial polylactic acid (PLA) injections around the eyes developed inflammation and consecutive nodules (abnormal bumps).

PLA is intended to be administered more deeply than loads of hyaluronic acid, and the technique suitable for its use around the eyes is relatively young.

“This material does not act as a dermal filling material , which would be injected superficially to smooth wrinkles, but must be placed deep under the muscles to be a safer and more effective agent Said the author and dermatologist Greg Goodman, whose research has been published. in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (the official collection of the European Society of Aesthetic and Aesthetic Dermatology).

“The new procedures are not necessarily the best. Waiting for a procedure to improve and mature over several years is the best policy for those looking for safe, quality results. ”

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