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Men’s skin care is much easier than you think (and super necessary)

Men’s skin care is much easier than you think (and super necessary)

Men should not give up skin care. Here is a basic care routine that is super easy to follow.

Most men have long been conditioned to think that they did not need to bother with a skincare routine like their female counterparts do. On the one hand, gender norms place more emphasis on the faces of women who look sweet, young and flawless – while men can be “sturdy”. The other reason for testosterone makes men’s skin harder, less sensitive, less dry and less prone to collagen loss. elastin after 20 years. That said, men cannot afford to do without skin care entirely. You only have a face, after all.

Why Skin Care for Men is Important

Yes, Testosterone Has Many Benefits for improving the skin. But it also makes the sebaceous glands more active, which can make you prone to rashes long after adolescence. A good, simple skin care program for men can balance oil production and clear the pores of the bacteria responsible for pimples.

And even if you don’t yet see the effects of the sun, pollution, smoke and other factors that damage skin cells, protect yourself with men’s skin care means you can rejuvenate it longer, with fewer wrinkles and sun spots.
large C from a distance: men are twice as likely as women to develop melanoma before age 65. Taking care of your skin now is an investment in your future.

The most basic skin care program for men

If your idea of ​​skin care for men is to rub with the nearest bar of soap and shave, a complete skincare regimen may seem too complicated. But believe us, it can be super easy.

First, determine what type of skin you have. Is it fat and prone to breakouts? You have oily skin. Does it look flaky or is it tight after washing? You are probably a little dry. Does it turn red and irritated when you use certain products? You may have sensitive skin. Is this part or all of the above? This is called a combination.

Keep this in mind when choosing your products (you may need to reassess when the seasons change). Then follow these steps.

1. Clean.
If your skin is really sensitive or dry, you can simply rinse off with water in the morning. Oily skin should be washed twice a day. Either way, you want to wash your face every night to remove dirt, dead skin cells and pollution.

Use a cleanser formulated for the face, because other soaps can remove the natural barrier of the skin. When you are really interested in this skin care business, you can also use an exfoliating cleanser twice a week.

2. Shave (or don’t).
Obviously, we’re not telling you anything new with this one. But now when you shave, take into account your skin type and use the right products.

You may want to use a beard oil before shaving or use a shaving cream [ 19459007] moisturizing. If you have ingrown hair, consider using a razor with one or two blades and not shaving as close to the skin.

3. Hydrate and protect.
Helping your skin stay hydrated can prevent wrinkles from forming. Many creams and lotions also contain antioxidants and other active ingredients that can protect and repair your skin cells. Most important of all, use daily moisturizer with broad spectrum sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

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