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Lighten tasks without affecting the surrounding skin

Lighten tasks without affecting the surrounding skin

Even when hyperpigmentation is at its worst, some of us hesitate to try the typical lightening formulas, for fear that they act a little too well, not only to lighten dark areas, but also around them.

Soon, however, a new ingredient could put an end to this concern.

Nicknamed Delentigo by the Swiss ingredient supplier Mibelle, this innovative compound is made from watercress extract and a soy isoflavone called genistein. The two components play a unique role that lightens discolored areas of the skin.

Watercress extract stimulates proteasomes, protein complexes in the body that become less active with age, to improve the function of skin fibroblasts. Meanwhile, genistein inhibits tyrosinase to suppress the production of melanin.

Tested in vitro, a concentration of 4% of Delentigo allowed reduce the melanin pigmentation in age spots after four weeks. however, the surrounding skin did not have an undesirable pigment reduction. After two months, Delentigo has closed the pigmentation gap by 50%.

There are no products containing Delentigo on the market yet, but when it debuts, its manufacturers expect an enthusiastic response from those seeking a more even complexion.

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