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Learn how to face your fair skin

Learn how to face your fair skin

Clear, fair skin is usually the first to show signs of aging, which can happen in the middle or at the end. in their twenties.

Because the skin is intrinsically thinner and contains less melanin, it is more susceptible to aging due to the sun.

Common characteristics of fair skin:

  • Burns easily
  • Shows the signs of aging relatively early
  • ] Wrinkles tend to be more on the surface than deeper folds
  • May be noticeable
  • Imperfections, rashes and wounds are very apparent
  • Pores dilated

If you have dry skin:
A multitude of factors can cause dryness in fair skin. If the sun is partly to blame, the weather, lifestyle choices and even skin care products can cause dryness. When the outer layer of skin is empty of water, the skin cannot protect itself as well, and dead skin cells make their way to the surface, leaving room for flaking.

Dry skin can be relieved with the right moisturizer. Retin-a will also help regulate the rate at which surface cells turn around, to eliminate dryness.

If you have fine lines:
The lighter the skin, the less melanin, which increases the amount of UV light absorbed and breaks down collagen.

Botox and Dysport are the ideal solution to treat fine lines, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Both relax the muscles that make the lines appear, smoothing the skin in turn. “If the lines are associated with changes in the texture of the skin, such as creping, we need to reshape and rebuild the collagen with something like an IPL or laser resurfacing,” says dermatologist Jennifer L. MacGregor, Washington .

If you have freckles and freckles:
“Brown spots and freckles are directly related to exposure to the sun of the past, which manifests itself years later. ” Since the skin cannot naturally defend itself from the sun, it tries to protect itself by producing melanin, causing freckles and pigmentation.

Topical retinoids used in combination with lightening creams can help reduce discoloration, but sometimes a higher intensity dose is needed, especially if the spots are large and dark. “We can treat those who use an IPL laser or lasers, who use energy and light to break up a pigment.”

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