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Latest statistics show surgery is not the last step in weight loss

Latest statistics show surgery is not the last step in weight loss
Les dernières statistiques montrent que la chirurgie n’est pas la dernière étape de la perte de poids

Instead of turning to plastic surgery as the final solution to weight loss, many people return to their plastic surgeons after losing significant pounds.

According to new data released today, the number of post-weight loss surgeries has skyrocketed in the past year. Patients are turning to cosmetic procedures to take care of the excess skin associated with massive weight loss.

“You cannot attribute this to anything other than the fact that there are more patients who are losing weight massively and who seek to solve the problems they now have after their loss surgery. weight” . “On the one hand, they are delighted to have lost so much weight, but they barter one dilemma for another.” These dilemmas include uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) extra skin on the arms, stomach, breasts and thighs.

So how did plastic surgeons correct these bodily problems? Arm and thigh elevators increased 9% (their largest increase in one year in five years). The breast implant also had a big gain last year with an increase of 10%, while tummy tucks jumped 4%.

“In the future, we would like to be part of the process from the start, when patients start considering weight loss surgery.” “Often patients think that weight loss surgery is the answer to their problems, when in reality it is only one step in the process.”

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